Tan Removal

Tanning is the process of decolouration of the skin. It is one of the most frequent problems for people during hot summer. It happens because of increased exposure to the harmful radiations of Sun such as UV A, B, and C. Ultraviolet radiations from the Sun penetrate the skin, and in response, skin cells produce the melanin pigment. This pigment is dark and safeguards the skin while getting exposed to the UV rays. This is a serious issue since too much of exposure to harmful radiations leads to the skin cancer. Although there are numerous sunscreens to safeguard from tanning, there are no truly best products to preventing the tan formation completely. Also, there are no FDA-approved drugs to avoid skin tanning.
Our New Look Clinic offers the best treatments for skin tanning. We use various herbal peels and masks to get rid of skin tans rapidly. We schedule a 10-days regime to remove tans. The skin tan-removal creams offered by us are prescribed by skin specialists. There are both chemical and natural tan-removal methods. Chemical methods are often so reliable and fast-acting that offer great relief for users. Natural peelers may be slow in action, but safe and also cure skin ageing-related issues too.
Tan-removal treatments differ with the skin types, and a unique type of skin cleanser and moisturiser must be used that differs for normal, dry and sensitive skin types. Also, exfoliations using natural creams replace the dead skin cells with new ones by accelerating the skin rejuvenation process and, thereby, bring back the normal colour to the skin.