Super Pulsed CO2 Laser

It is a gold standard technique applied in cosmetics, which aids quicker skin restructuring and rejuvenation. Here, the laser is driven thrice harder for a small period of time whose output is larger as well as continuous. With this, surgery is reliable and also painless. It usually emits infra red radiations, which are easily absorbed by the skin cells and facilitates the surgery. Carbon dioxide lasers are widely known for their applications in cosmetology. They are known to improve the skin problems such as pigmentation, thickening, and scarring and hypopigmentation. They greatly help the surgeons for deep excisions.
Our clinic, using this laser, corrects skin problems such as age-related wrinkles, crow’s feet, ugly lip lines, skin tanning and burns due to sun damage, dark patches and pigmentation, improper skin tone, acne and pimples, dark and bright patches as well as circles surrounding the eyes, lifting of eye brows, compressing the loosened skin around eye lids. Our clinic also rejuvenates the age-related skin damages on the face, neck, hands, etc.
Thereessay editor are numerous advantages in using the Super Pulsed CO2 laser such as

  • Reduced blood loss
  • Complete removal of infected cells and tissues
  • Decreased post-treatment issues and post-operative side effects
  • Less and uncomplicated consequences.

There is also less adjacent tissue damage, healing time is short, and smaller scar formation after treatment. The time taken for recovery ranges from 3 to 7 days. Pregnant and lactating women are usually instructed not to use the laser surgery. Also, people who are under photosensitive drugs, accutane, cancer chemotherapy, anticoagulants, and medication for other bleeding disorders are also prohibited to take this option.

There are certain side effects observed within few patients. They are described below:
Pain is experienced from the day of laser until 2 days post-laser treatment. This can be cured by Tylenol.
Pinkish or reddish colouration of skin is obvious post-laser surgery, and this lasts for 2 to 6 months.
Healing of tissue
The surface scar caused due to surgery sometimes lasts for 2 to 10 days.
Exposure to eyes
It is risky and dangerous if the laser radiations penetrate the eyes.