Skin Care

Skin care starts with assessing the type of skin you have. Skin can be dry, oily, sensitive, and normal or a combination of dry and oily skin. It is essential to basically take care of the skin with a daily skin routine not forgetting the daily bath with gentle moisturizing bath soap.


Cleaning the skin removes dead cells from the exterior of the skin. It removes dirt and dust that has accumulated that can block pores. It is always recommended to use soaps that have low pH. High pH means high alkaline content which can dry the skin and diminish health of the skin. Natural cleansers extracted from vegetable oils – sesame oil, coconut oil and palm oils – are most advocated due to their ability to dissolve sebum and rinse it away. Besides this facial scrubs are a type of mild abrasive help to remove dead skin and dirt. It can consist of natural ground material of oatmeal, almonds and even coarser materials such as sand, shells of apricots and walnuts. Wash the face correctly to ensure optimum cleanliness of pores. Create a good lather after moistening the face and massage it with your finger tips. Splash the face with water and rinse well. Dry with a clean soft towel.


After cleaning the skin, it is necessary to apply agents that will close the open pores and tighten the skin. A skin toner or astringent protects the skin from external pollutants. Natural herbal toners consisting of honey, lemon, and ivy are highly recommended. For toners that might dry the skin they can be accompanied by moisturizers.


Drinking lots of water helps keep not only body but also the skin moisturized. This is the first secret to a healthy and glowing skin. Water removes toxic material from the body and reveals soft and supple skin, which does not age quickly. It is essential to eat liquid-rich fruits and vegetables along with six glasses of water on a daily basis. Moisturizers soothe the skin and essential oils penetrate into the skin and create lubrication.