Sensitive Skin

What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin has a fine texture and is thin. It is susceptible to sunburns and windburns very easily reacting to heat and cold, respectively. It is delicate, dry and susceptible to allergic reactions. A sensitive skin differs with aggressive cosmetics and detergents. Contact with alcohol can induce burning and irritation. The skin can become blotchy and red when it comes in contact with such agents. As the sensitivity of skin increases, the tolerance threshold decreases. Due to sensitivity, the skin has damaged and the epidermis suffered a barrier malfunction. This automatically leads to dehydration of skin and all potential irritants are being enabled to penetrate the skin.


  • Overheating, prickling and itching
  • Redness and blotchy areas
  • Irritation and reaction to UV rays, cold, heat and wind
  • Reaction to cosmetics, soaps and other applications
  • Reaction to psychological stress
  • Reaction due to hormonal imbalances such as a menstrual cycle



This is a very common condition affecting the face causing pimples, flushing and broken blood vessels. The causes can be genetic or bacterial due to sun exposure and vascular instability. Mandelic acid peels are a great solution for rosacea. This causes less irritation than other AHA peels and safe for individuals with dark skin tones. Lactic Acid Peels are also light and gentle and best suited for all skin types and gives a healthy glow.


Acne is usually caused due to oily skin and augmented levels of bacteria P. The best solution is the salicylic acid peel which is a type of beta hydroxy acid BHA peel, good for oily and acne susceptible skins. Phenol peels are also effective in treating acne scars.


Peels for sensitive skin is best determined by our experts and of course the level of sensitivity of the skin and realistic expectations of the individual. Where chemical peels provide relief to the skin and refresh it, it should be accompanied by effective at home maintenance and follow-up treatments as recommended by our panel.