Pore-Cleansing Facial

Pore-cleansing facials are traditional facials that include steaming, facial extractions, and facial massage. Facial masks may be applied which help to pull out substances that are responsible for clogging the pores. The deep pore-cleansing facial uses natural matter to clear the skin off cellular accumulation. The facial targets diminishing dehydration of skin, breakouts and reduction of fine lines.
A facial scrub is first applied with a mild facial exfoliant. Once it is cleansed, the process of exfoliation begins removing dead skin and unclogging the pores. Once exfoliation is complete, extractions are conducted to remove whiteheads and blackheads from the pores.
The extraction process is done very carefully and can take several minutes. First a sterile wipe is used to sanitize the area of the skin. The area of extraction is then pinched so that a small mound is formed and the area is either wiped off with a clean tissue to remove the head or a blackhead removal tool is used to tweeze it out.
Moisturizers and sun screen agents are applied to prevent loss of moisture and tanning. The skin is calmed using ice as it can be come red due to the extraction process.