Normal / Combination Skin

What is normal skin?

A normal skin has an average epidermis thickness and is not very allergic or hypersensitive. The complexion of the skin is generally not very dry nor is it very oily. But this type of skin can be susceptible to wrinkles and age spots. Normal skin has a soft and even tone and has no blemishes. It has a smooth texture and is neither greasy nor dry. It is an indication of excellent health and a good blood circulation. During menstruation, women might experience some pimple growths due to hormonal changes. People with normal skin, though, are prone to acne.


Where individuals with normal skin might enjoy minimal defects, it is essential that they maintain the skin type. Normal skin types can be maintained with Lactic acid peels since they are suitable to most skin types. Even glycolic acid peels (AHA) improve appearances by decreasing wrinkles and are considered mild peels, which can be administered on normal skin. Mandelic acid peels which are also AHA peels are extracted from bitter almonds are considered gentle on the skin with very little irritation.

What is combination skin?

When the centre of the face, chin, nose and forehead is oily and the other parts of the skin are dry and flaky, is called combination skin. A combination skin can also have rosacea, dry skin, and wrinkles are all present at the same time. Individuals with a combination skin can benefit from various types of treatments in several areas. A combination skin can also produce shiny and oily skin, overly dilated pores and blackheads. This skin type is extremely common and can be treated as two different types of skin. Usually care for the dry part of the skin is done with dry skin care guidelines and care for the oily part of the skin is done using oily skin care guidelines.


Treatment for combination skins might also include a synthesis of peels such as the Salycylic acid and Jessner’s peels which are considered good for oily skin and can be used at the oily surfaces. Lactic acid peels are useful for the dry surface areas of the skin which smoothens the skin and gives it a healthy glow.