Neck Lift

Age, genetic disposition, and weight loss are just some of the reasons that leave the skin of our neck loose and hanging. A non-invasive neck lift procedure is the best options for skin loosening. If droopy skin along the neck is a genetic disposition no amount of exercise or routine can help alleviate this condition. At this point, a neck lift is superbly helpful in restoring the contours of the jaw line. For several logical reasons, patients do not prefer invasive surgery. So, effective and safe non-invasive procedures are sought after preferentially. It is also a known fact that liposuction does not help in correcting sagging jowls or a turkey wattle. Smoothing the contours around the neck is a simple and available option for these conditions.


The botulinum toxin has gained rapid international importance since 1989. Besides medical and clinical recognition, it has also gained recognition in cosmetic treatments. Botox is the only treatment of its kind to be approved by FDA. Botox is produced by Allergan and is a purified, commercial form of the Clostridium Botulinum bacteria which is responsible for paralysis of muscles. When this is injected in miniscule quantities cosmetically, Botox does wonders in smoothing out brow lines, frown lines and crow’s feet. It has also advanced to treat the appearance of aged necks by minimizing unpleasant neck muscle bands by removing the sagging jowls.
Neck muscle bands hanging excessively and prominently sagging at the front of the neck and under the chin can be reduced effectively by administering small amounts of Botox. A few days later, the bands disappear. Usually the change is silhouette seems dramatic. The side bands of the neck are responsible for sagging of the skin at the jowls. The botilinum injection can also be administered at the front of the neck and the side bands that turn into the angle of the jaw. With this injection, the side bands reduce and the jowls relax and lower face appears lifted.
The result is a well defined and younger looking jaw line and tight skin at the neck. The difference is noticed in just 5 days.