Nail Care

Nails contain protein keratin. A finger nail consists of many parts such as nail plate, nail bed, cuticle, nail folds, lunula and the matrix. Nails grow from the matrix. Older cells are pushed out as new ones grow. Finger nails grow faster than the toe nails.

Caring for nails
Oxygen deprivation in finger nails cause purple or bluish finger nail beds which is also a symptom of peripheral cyanosis. Nails can peel and be infected. Toe nail infections are predominantly due to dirty footwear, aggressive exercising and unhygienic environment. Most common organisms that cause nail damage are yeasts and moulds. Fatty acids help in maintenance of nails as well as skin. Dietary protein intake is extremely essential since protein is responsible for building nails. Lack of protein, folic acid and vitamin C causes a condition called hanging nails. Lack of linoleic acid causes splitting and flaking of finger nails. Iron deficiency can cause poor nail growth and dryness. Some nail care tips are:

  • Keep finger nails clean and dry
  • Rub hand lotion or moisturizer to nails regularly
  • Manicure and trim finger nails regularly