Keloid Treatment

Keloid is a kind of scar that is irregular in shape. It emerges from the upper layer of the skin and continues to spread throughout the skin locally at particular distances. It is hard and also appears pink or purple in colour. It does not disappear like scars and so requires proper treatment. It is always misunderstood as a scar that develops after injury. The basic difference between a wound scar and keloids is: a scar is generally hypertrophic in nature and becomes redder and subsides after treatments. But, keloids vary from scars by emerging in the skin and migrating to other local parts of the skin after injury. The major stimulators for keloid formation are wounds, cuts, burns, and other injuries of skin caused by ear and nose piercing. They are basically positioned elevated appearing red or pink and have an irritable, itchy sensation and are very painful.
Women are more likely to get keloids than men due to high level of skin piercing. They emerge usually in face, neck, chest, back, arms, and ear lobes. It is very important to note that treating keloids early on is vital since chronic keloids are vey risky and difficult to treat. Our New Look Skin Clinic offers various treatments authorised by skin care specialists for keloids.

Use of Cortisone Injections

Injecting the cortisone over the keloids for 4 to 8 weeks will stimulate the flattening of the keloids. The cortisone also makes the keloid redder by triggering the blood cells on them, which helps in the differentiation of the scar from the surrounding areas. This is the first-line treatment option, which is also not painful.

Cosmetic Surgeries

Surgeries are often used to treat the keloids since use of steroid injections will assist only in the flattening, and not the complete healing or removal of keloids. In this option, the entire keloid tissue is removed by cutting followed by radiation. The disadvantage is there are 50% chances of getting a keloid again in the same or nearby place on the skin. Hence, most of the patients are reluctant to take up cosmetic surgeries to treat keloids.

Laser Therapy

This treatment offers a complete remedy for keloids. Pulse-dye laser surgery is proven to be very safe and not painful for flattening of keloids. However, it is costly and several treatments are also needed.


This involves the complete flattening of keloids using liquid nitrogen

Interferon Therapy

It is done by injecting few interferon protein types, which shrink the size of the keloids drastically.