Facial Glow Treatment

New Look Skin Clinic’s special facial glow treatment helps remove blemishes on skin leaving it spotless. Mottled skin is smoothened and fine lines seem to disappear.


The treatment is conducted in four steps:

Step 1: Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a very important step in facial and skin treatments. We have covered this topic separately under the same heading. Do go through it for a much deeper explanation on microdermabrasion. Broadly, it is a non-chemical and non-invasive procedure involving a crystal microdermabrasion hand-held machine. Aluminium Oxide Crystals are blasted across the skin surface to draw dead skin cells. This instantly smoothes coarse skin and reduces scarring and fine lines.

Step 2: Skin polishing

This is a rather broad term but skin polishing mostly goes hand-in-hand with microdermabrasion and exfoliation. After the above process, skin is gently washed and an exfoliant is applied. The face is then steamed to remove residues and cleaned with a soft facial tissue.

Step 3: Massage

A gentle professional facial massage is done where all 300 pressure points of the face are stimulated. A good facial massage impacts lymphatic and muscle systems. Once completed, this makes the face glow and takes sluggishness and tiredness away.

Step 4: Topical Applications

Vitamin C is a very essential and popular dietary supplement and critical to all human beings and mammals. Our body requires vitamin C to build collagen. It helps support tendons, blood vessels, ligaments and keeps skin healthy. When vitamin C is orally ingested, very little reaches the skin. Vitamin C levels also decline with age and results have shown that when vitamin C is applied topically it promotes formation of collagen and maintains firm and youthful skin. A branded form of vitamin C and similar proteins are applied to the skin to stabilize the skin and protect it from sun and other external pollutants.