Earlobe Repair

Cosmetic surgery very easily repairs split earlobes. Earlobe repairs are also referred to as otoplasty. edit my essay http://essaywritingservicerapid.com/The surgeon invasively renovates and corrects the earlobe. The division of the skin from the point of piercing downwards is called split earlobe. Of course, cosmetic surgery may also be required in cases of reconstructive earlobe surgery and earlobe reshaping.

Some of the common reasons for earlobe repairs are:

  • Wearing oversized earrings for a long period of time causing earlobe to split or enlarge
  • Heavy earrings can also cause earlobe to split or enlarge
  • Violently pulling earrings from the ear
  • Earring entangled
  • Ear piercing accidents
  • Congenital earlobe defect
  • Aging – leading to wrinkles and flattening of earlobes

The imperfection of an earlobe is easily noticeable and can seldom be covered with hair or clothing. The technique or repairing or reconstructing an earlobe is called Z-plasty. Earlobe repairs are safe and effective and require very less healing time.

Treatment procedure

Earlobe surgery is conducted under local anaesthesia and, in very rare cases, requires general anaesthesia. This is an outpatient surgery and does not require hospitalization. Upon surgery, the earlobe repairs and heals itself within 90 days. The duration of the surgery is generally about 1 or 2 hours and can vary from individual to individual depending on the level of trauma and the type of reconstruction required. In the surgery, the skin lining is removed. The raw edge is then rebuilt and sutured. The sutures are removed in about two weeks. Antibiotic ointments are prescribed as aftercare. Aftercare plays a very important role in the earlobe healing process. It is essential that after repair of the lobe, the individual wash and dress the wound at least three times a day to avoid risk of infection. Use of hair dryers should be avoided at least 5 days after the surgery.