Dark Circle Treatment

Most of the women develop dark circles under their eyes. Cosmetic studies reveal that 50% of the beauty concerns from women were dark circles under the eyes accompanied by puffiness. Most of these problems are aggravated due to lack of sleep. Our skin clinic uses customized treatments and formulations for these concerns. With age, the skin becomes thin, making blood vessels show through.


Some of the most common causes of dark circles are pigmentation under the eyes. This is attributed to genetic traits too. The pigmentation caused due to blood vessels under the eyes shows through the skin as a bluish shadow because it is so thin. Exposure to sun, allergic reactions, alcohol consumption, smoking, medical conditions and hormonal changes are some more causes of dark circles under the eyes.


Dark circles caused due to pigmentation are treated with topical retinoids like hydroquinone.
A shallow microabrasion can be done where the topmost layers of the skin are removed with abrasives. For dark circles caused due to blood vessels, VBeam can significantly reduce their appearance.
Dark circles caused due to shadowing can be treated by injecting the area between the bridge of the nose and the corners of the eyes with fillers like Restylane and Juvederm.
Water-soluble niacinamide B-complex creams diminish underlying blood vessels.
Water content in the skin can be reduced with the help of gels which contain soothing plant extracts.
Aloe extracts can also be used to refresh and brighten tired skin.
Cucumber slices mostly contain water and when placed around the eyes chilled, helps soothe bags under the eyes and moisture the area. This reduces puffiness and compresses the blood vessels in the area.
Since tea contains tannin, the moisture of the cold and wet tea bags is absorbed into the eyes and helps reduce swelling.