Cheek Treatment

Cheek laxity is one of the most common cosmetic complaints that patients have as they age. Where invasive surgical options are expensive and not preferred, non-invasive treatments are a great way to correct a sagging cheek. Non-ablative radiofrequency and laser skin resurfacing procedures are tested methods and proven to be effective and safe for cheek and double-chin corrections. When we grow old, age is evident in our face and so is fat evident when we gain weight. Our bodies have a tendency to store fat in specific areas of the cheek and chin causing the resultant chubby cheeks and double-chin. Hereditary disposition and age besides fat gain are a major cause of double-chin. The skin of our face sags and loses elasticity and tone as we age. Even poor appetite and food intake stunt our ability to burn fat resulting in a double-chin and puffy cheeks. Consumer demands for non-invasive procedures with little or no side-effects and no post-operative care are increasingly, a preferred mode of treatment.


Non Invasive Radio Frequency: Radio frequencies are based on oscillating electric current which forces collisions between molecules and ions which turn into heat. Irrespective of skin type RF is administered through monopolar, unipolar and bipolar devices. Each of the devices demonstrates a specific depth in performance. Radio Frequency thermal stimulation causes a micro-inflammatory process in the skin that advocates the production of collagen. By manipulating the temperatures of the skin, it can also be used for the reduction of fat on the skin.
Laser Skin Resurfacing: Lasers both non-ablative fractional and macro size is also a non-invasive method chosen for skin resurfacing. The cosmetic laser skin resurfacing method helps diminish spots and unwanted scars on the layers of the skin. Laser uses short pulsating beams of light directed a irregular skin surface. A laser is emitted which dissolve the molecular bonds of the damaged skin up until a smooth and uniform skin layer is achieved.


  • Increases collagen production
  • Diminishes wrinkles
  • Elimination of fine lines
  • Improves skin appearance and quality