Acne and Acne Scar Treatment

What is acne?

Acne is a condition of the skin that causes zits or pimples. It is also known as acne vulgaris, which is a skin disease involving the oil glands present at the bottom of the hair follicle.

What is acne scarring?

As we age, we accumulate skin damage often relating to seborrhoea. The rate at which skin cells renew themselves slows down. It takes an average of 28 days for turnover of cells in a young person and 35 days in older people. As a result, the surface of the skin is clogged with dead, roughened skin cells.

Causes of acne scarring

Generally it cannot be predicted as to who gets acne scars. But some of the common reasons outlined are:
Unattended acne for a prolonged period of time, without treatment
Pops, squeezes and picks on an existing acne, which actually increases inflammation and results in scarring
Genetic dispositions where a blood line has a history of acne
Acne cysts and nodules that perforate deep into the skin and can damage the skin

Our Treatment

Glycolic Acid Peels

We provide acne and acne scar treatment with glycolic acid peels, which is a chemical peel. Application of Gycolic Acid Peels loosens the gluelike substance that binds skin cells together allowing new skin to surface more quickly and easily. It also unblocks the follicles responsible for acne conditions and the new skin may also have a more rejuvenated look producing a more even colour and smoother texture.


Regular use of glycolic peels can increase cell turnover and improve the production of collagen – the protein in the skin that prevents the skin from wrinkling and sagging.
Glycolic Acid Peels are extremely effective in treatments of skin conditions such as sun damaged skin, rough keratinised skin, finely lined skin, age spots on hands and face, brown marks and hyper-pigmentation.

Agera peels

Agera peels are proliferative non-glycolic peels which have a non-irritant property and cause little or no redness, skin shedding and irritation. The Agera Rx peels have been specifically designed for treatment of acne, skin aging and pigmentation. It can be in superficial, medium or deep forms and the depth of the peels depends on the combination and Ph of the peel that is being applied.
Agera has been scientifically proven to reduce the signs of ageing by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, minimising pores and improving elasticity. It can also treat areas of increased pigmentation, reduce acne scarring and improve sun-damaged skin. Penetrating and stimulating the skin’s deepest layers, the Agera Rx range uses “nanosomes” – tiny particles that ensure powerful antioxidants and retinol penetrate and stimulate the skin’s deepest layers, whilst Growth Factor Peptides, exclusive to Agera Rx, help restore and maintain the skin’s thickness and resilience.

TCA peels:

Medium chemical peels are a very potent way to treat uneven pigmentation, acne scarring along with improving the tone and texture of the skin and smoothing out fine lines.
Medium (TCA) chemical peels penetrate the skin more deeply than light chemical peels. In administering a medium chemical peel, the doctor applies a solution containing Trichloroacetic acid to the skin. This chemical solution, which is custom formulated for each patient, works by removing the dull, damaged outer layers of skin — those affected by acne, fine lines, sun exposure, and other factors. In the week or so after treatment, these dead layers of skin slough off, revealing a new, smooth layer of skin. TCA peels provide noticeable results than light chemical peels and don’t need long recovery conditions unlike deep phenol peels. Medium chemical peels can be graciously used on any part of the body and does not take much time to complete application.

Salicylic peels

Salicylic Acid peels are also known as Betahydroxy acid (BHA) peels. Some research shows that a salicylic application may help prematurely aged skin by exfoliating it as well as improving the colour and texture. Salicylic acid peels are strong and penetrative and a common ingredient for the treatment of acne, clearing up clogged pores in the skin, treating oily and congested skin and removal of blackheads.
The benefits of salicylic acid may also include treating acne as it is able to penetrate oil-filled follicles.